About the Department


Izmir University of Economics Department of English Translation and Interpretation commenced teaching in the 2004-2005 Academic Year.

The objective of our department is, by using modern education techniques in line with scientific methodologies and approaches, to train translators and interpreters who are aware of language differences and are equipped with knowledge of the field and terminology on various subjects such as law, economics, literature, social and applied sciences, political sciences, international relations, and media and communication.

Our program has been designed in a way to train translators and interpreters equipped with theoretical information and practices necessary to meet market demands. With an interdisciplinary approach, as part of every translation course on different subject fields, students can attend to related supporting courses which are called GEC (General Education Courses), contributing to the act of translating in terms of knowledge and infrastructure.

Our students, apart from English and Turkish which are the language pairs of our program, are guided for choosing any one of a wide range of second language courses offered throughout the University for two-year-period such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Greek and Portuguese.

First two years of our four-year program are based on reiteration of language skills, comparison of language structures of Turkish and English and the cultural differences and evaluation of the principles of translation practice. Last two years of our program focus more on the applied translation and interpreting studies. Our students should complete a four-week internship at the end of the third year

Thanks to the interdisciplinary education that we offer within the four-year programme keeping the market dynamics in mind, graduates of Department of Translation and Interpretation have various national and international job opportunities. Turkish Radio and Television Association (TRT), private televisions, newspapers and agencies, municipalities, Ministry for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade, State Personnel Presidency, National Intelligence Organization (MIT), foreign affairs departments of banks, chambers of commerce are among the institutions and organizations that our graduates are employed in. The graduates of Department of Translation and Interpretation also work as editors in publishing houses, project managers and translators in localization projects, managers in translation agencies and instructors in second language teaching programs. Besides, some of our graduates continue their postgraduate education in translation studies and in related departments.


                                                                                                      Head of Department of Translation and Interpretation

                                                                                                                            Prof. Dr. Neslihan KANSU-YETKİNER