Department of English Translation and Interpreting

Programme Outcomes

1    To be able to use advanced, field-specific conceptual, theoretical, and practical knowledge acquired,

2    To be able to analyze and research field-specific concepts and ideas and to interpret data individually or as a team using scientific methods,

3    To be able to understand and use grammatical and semantic structures of the source and target languages,

4    To be able to obtain information about social, cultural, and historical approaches within the source and target languages and to use this information for textual analysis and production,

5    To be able to understand and interpret written and oral texts in the source language and to transfer these texts into the target language using a semantically and functionally appropriate language,

6    To be able to produce creative translations and assess the translation products critically by defining the steps, strategies and problems in the translation process in the light of field-specific theoretical knowledge and skills acquired,

7    To be able to transfer the theoretical knowledge and research skills within different areas of expertise to translational act,

8    To be able to use computer-assisted translation tools and machine translation effectively at each step of the translation process, and to follow the theoretical and practical developments in these fields,

9    To be able to gain awareness of the translator’s social role, job profile, and professional ethical values and to acquire workload management skills for individual or team work,

10    To be able to access necessary sources to improve quality at each step of the translation process and to assess the target text in accordance with the quality objectives by using these sources,

11    To be able to establish effective oral and written communication skills both in English and Turkish, to be able to speak a second foreign language at a good level, to be able to use a third foreign language at intermediate level,

12    To be able to relate the knowledge accumulated throughout the human history to their field of expertise.




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