Department of English Translation and Interpreting

What sets us distinctive

-A strong, competent academic staff

-An educational model based on critical thinking, consisting of both theoretical and applied courses

-Integration of translation technologies with courses, usage of various translation technology softwares

-Training opportunity in getting Interpreting courses (sight interpreting, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting) and specific field translation (computer aided translation studies, film and subtitle translation, localization) with in the translation and interpreting laboratory environment.

-Translation-oriented foreign language education for 4 years, with a concentrated curriculum focused on French or Italian, where students are directed to international certification exams, the opportunity to have a certificate of translation from the selected language (C language)

-A third foreign language education chosen from German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese

-Minor and Double Major opportunities

-Advantages of education systems such as BB Collaborate which provides students with opportunity to attend synchronous lectures and Panopto which offers opportunity to watch recorded asynchronous lectures.

-Internship opportunities in Europe thanks to ERASMUS Internship Mobility Program

-Opportunity to receive education in Belgium, France, Poland, and Romania thanks to ERASMUS student mobility

-The ONE and ONLY Translation and Interpreting Department having conducted 4 TUBITAK 1001 projects and 1 TUBITAK e-book project in Turkey

-Opportunity to work in TUBITAK projects conducted by the faculty members of the department

-Opportunity to attend lectures delivered by the experts in translation and interpreting fields

-Seminars on current issues of translation and interpreting attended by translators, interpreters and academicians, and translation workshops for students



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